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About Us

Running a business is frustrating… especially since it’s really difficult to see problems that hide beneath the surface. Owners often feel confused about what is really going wrong in their business and how much it could be costing… in lost profit, revenue leakage, staff turnover, or worse.

A typical consultant might tell you to change your business, telling you what to change, even if it doesn’t match YOUR goals or philosophy. At LaConte Consulting, we start with a conversation about how business is going and where potential profit leakage could be happening. Instead of telling our clients what to do, we forge a strong partnership based on mutual respect and empathy. Our goal is to improve the value of your business over time, with a focus on strategic growth.

About Grace: Following a career in healthcare management as a director and risk manager, with projects to improve communication and efficiency, I decided to apply my skills to help manufacturing owners. My passion for manufacturing began in my Grandpa’s basement workshop, where he taught me to turn metal, wood and glass into useful products. He shared stories about how my ancestors shaped our country’s economy through careers in oil drilling, steel, and lumber mills. I believe that US manufacturers have incredible opportunities to improve local communities and the world as a whole.

I'm excited to be part of the Conroe community and would love to connect with Chamber members! Email me directly: